Executive Producer Caitlin O’Donovan
Manager of Development Patricia Lee
Supervising Producer Marco Mucci
Producer Emma Scratch
Technical Directors David Muto
Jeff Laughlin
Art Director Lisa Armstrong
Lynn Harris
Lead Developer Kevin Ackland
Lead Flash Developer William Turrin
Interactive Designers Lynn Harris
Wynne Leung
Ilya Schwarz
Jazzy Loh
Aaron Bamford
Programming Labour Kevin Ackland
William Turrin
Anna Kozlova
Jenn Hartnoll
Mike Hakak
Graphic Designer - Style Guides Sarah Gosevitz
Jeremy Kaposy
Bailey Northcott
Zenon Rankin
Nathan Asis
QA Manager Michelle Ngo
Production Secretary Sherri Lewis
Cindy Chan
Games Consultant Calvin Marr
Story Consultant Michael Stokes
Usability Consultant Usability Matters
Translation SDI Media
User Experience Expert Milena Vujanovic
Content Consultant Adam Welsh

Nelvana Studio - Animated Videos

Director Mike Fallows
Storyboard Artist Jane Sobol
Director of Software Development Ross Maudsley
Pre Production Supervisor Ed Kodar
Layout and Animation Supervisor Bill Giggie
Casting Administrator Brett Carruthers
Casting Assistant Tony Colantonio
Record Assistant Rosanne Howell
Sound Effects EditorJulia Snell
Storyboard ArtistDerek Prout
Pre Production Coordinator Mike Sirianni
Featuring the Voices ofGordon Pinsent as Babar
Isabelle deCarteret
Dallas Jokic
Noah Lehman
Tyler Stevenson
Samantha Weinstein
Ben Campbell
Layout & Animation Artists Kelly Brennan
Nelson Costa
Jennifer Kryzaniwskyj
Matthew Otto
Jeff Robinson
Philip Thomas
Glen Wyand
Mike Zingarelli
Production Coordinator Arlene Stinchcombe
Post Audio Supervisor Sean Pearson
Picture Editor Jocelyn Poon
Leica Editor Stephanie Duncan
Voice Direction By Jessie Thomson
Modeling Producer Greg Scoble
Technical Director Sumira Dhawan
Aaron Smith
Record Engineer Stephany Seki
Music Editor Simon Berry
Post Production Manager Paul Juby

Funding Agencies

Bell New Media Fund

Branding/Business Credits

Kids Can Press
Treehouse TV
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