Frequently asked questions

What's a Tusktastic Adventure?
The Tusktastic Adventure is a game that allows your child to find a missing crown with Badou and his friends; Chiku, Munroe, Zawadi and Jake. In this game, your child will watch videos, play mini-games and be able to print off craft prizes. Your child's progress will be saved along the way too.

Why do I need a Tusktastic Adventure Account?
A Tusktastic Adventure account will allow you to: save your child's progress in the Tusktastic Adventure, save the printable virtual prizes your child receives, when a game is completed, and allows you to download a printable book of the entire completed adventure!

I already have a YTV account, why can't I use that?
Unfortunately you cannot use your child's YTV account as this is game is separate from the YTV membership.

What if I don't want to create an account?
You must create an account in order to play the Tuskstastic Adventure. However, you can still play all of the fun games and activities separately on the website in GAMES.

I forgot my password, how do I log back in?
If you forgot your password, select 'forgot password' from the login screen. It will then ask you to type in your nickname and the answer to your secret question. Press 'submit', and you will be able to create a new password.

I forgot my child's nickname, how do I log back in?
Unfortunately, if you forgot your child's nickname, you will have to create a new Tusktastic Adventure account.

I try to log in with my child's nickname and password but it's not working.
If you forgot your password, select 'forgot password' from the login screen. Remember, it's your Tusktastic Adventure log in information- not your YTV membership information.

What's a secret question?
A secret question is a question you select when you make a Tusktastic Adventure account. If you forget password, you can use the 'forgot password' link to log back into your account.

Do you collect personal information?
No personal information is collected for a Tusktastic Adventure account.

Who can see my child's nickname?
Your child's nickname is only displayed on your computer while you are logged in. Other users cannot see this nickname.

What's a Memory Book?
A Memory Book is where you can save your child's progress in the Tusktastic Adventure. At the end of the Adventure, you can print it out!

Who can see my child's Memory Book?
Only you and your child see your Memory Book after you have logged in.

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